I love Junk Shops!!!

We went to visit my parents in Russellville yesterday. One of my secret joys of visiting them is going to the junk shop on Alabama 20. Oh how my heart leaps at the thought of going there!! It is very rare for me to not find something, and since it is a junk shop it is always very inexpensive. Here is my best find from yesterday:

I can't believe I found this! And I managed to talk the guy down to $10!!! There are no dents or scratches. I need to polish it, but other than that it is perfect condition. I was so excited!! I could not believe how heavy this is either. The tray has little feet as well... too cute!! My oldest daughter was so happy we found it. She has been wanting one and I couldn't find one at a reasonable price. Well, I finally found one!! Here's another find:

Here is Faith looking so very proud!! Mommy's little helper and thrifter in training!! :) Faith loved this and reminded me that we needed a larger one for when we make biscuits and gravy. She is a thrifter after my own heart.... :)

We were also able to find a little white pitcher and a little bunny. A little cleaning and they are in a new loving home. :) I love to collect pitchers. They are so useful and can serve so many purposes while looking beautiful. What more can a girl ask for? Have you found any special treasures while thrifting lately?

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