We had the most fun trip to California. We surprised my father in law and showed up for his 75th birthday. He and Mom have not had very good health lately, so we wanted to make sure they got to see Mikey, the only grandchild they had not yet seen. Boy did we have fun. Everyone there kept apologizing for the "heatwave". Haha!! 105* there is like nothing!! Dry heat is not a big deal. I could have gone without air conditioning...!! When you are used to the humidity of the south, California's dry heat is pretty easy to take.

We had so very much fun!! We stayed with my sister in
law and her family. She has 3 kids and a very funny husband. Spending a week with them was one of the most fun things I think I have done. Her husband can crack you up without trying... her kids are so sweet and totally adorable... and Jenn and I are so similar that we laugh over almost everything. Needless to say, I had a blast... ate some very yummy food... played with some wonderful kids (that I already miss terribly) and am already starting to plan a trip there for all 7 of us after school ends next year. Here are a few pictures I took. I will have to post my fil and mil later. ;0)

I can cook really well. And I certainly enjoy eating the fruits of my labor. So much that I might be on a diet pretty soon... after I am done nursing Mr. Chunk. Yet, this little guy has something pretty big over me... the chubbier he gets, the cuter he is. The chubbier I get... well... not so cute. Why is it that he can look so cute with chocolate all over his face and everyone gags when I do it? I don't know.... so I will just enjoy watching him in all of my green glory. Besides, these pictures will come in REALLY handy when he starts to date!! ;0)

I will never forget what our forefather's fought, bled and died for. I will never forget what our soldiers are doing right now. I will never forget September 11th. Yet, our government is forgetting. We need to remind them. We need to remember that freedom is never free, apathy breeds stupidity and if "a man hasn't discovered something he will die for, he isn't fit to live."

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

I am now!! Seriously!! How out of touch can these people be?!? They want to double our power bills. How many elderly people will freeze to death, die of heat stroke, or starve with the passage of the cap and tax? How about people on one income? Could they have picked a better time to pass this? No. Why? If this passes, then we will NEED the government just to survive. Who could afford food, electricity and medical bills? Not me and my husband with our 5 kids. How is this not an attack on middle income, single parent, lower income, fixed income or large families? Maybe if we were all "environmentally responsible", we would have known that we should get abortions after our first child... or we couldn't afford it. Can you see a limit on children coming? If they even try that, I would be more than happy to die for my beliefs. How is our government not becoming more like China.... you know... the ones that "own", I mean let us borrow money. Our government is getting so into our business, I don't see much hope for our country. Seriously, it will either come down to the death of our country or a revolution. Why doesn't anyone else seem to care? Why are we so transfixed with the death of a pop start and not interested in what will happen to our children's futures? Who could begin to afford all of these taxes? Oh wait!! Members of congress could. They make insane amount of money off of our backs already.... and can't pass a state budget. When was the last time you went out and spent $50,000 more than you had and then demanded that other people pay for your idiocy? That being said, why should Alabama pay for the dippity-doo-dahs in California that didn't notice that they are spending $25 billion over what they have. WHAT? Aren't they a state that legalized medical marijuana? Ok. Now I get it. They are all high. That is the only conclusion I could come to. Can you come up with a better one?

And why, if California is such an incompetent state, would we take all their laws for housing (you know, the ones they can't afford) and impose them on people that don't make near as much money? Do you trust our government to run our medical, housing, etc.... and has anyone noticed how buddy-buddy Obama is with Hugo Chavez? Our President friends with a socialist.... coincidence of freudian slip? You decide.
Anyway, I am fed up with the Fed. They are messing everything up, Obama has proved to me a major idiot and no one else is acting like they have a lick of sense. If they want the UN to run our country... let me just ay it would be OVER MY DEAD BODY!!
OK. Now I will go breathe into a bag and use relaxation breathing techniques. Maybe a bubble bath...
BTW... here is a great site to get a better hold in the cap and tax: