A Sneak Peek...

This picture here is a little hint of what the bathroom will look like.  I know, I know. This is supposed to be a masculine boys bathroom.... oops!! My oldest son actually liked the idea of birds since we enjoy watching them, so I am not being overly evil.... muahahahahahaha!!!  We painted the walls a periwinkle color and the wainscoting is an antique white. Most of the accessories are spray painted in an antique white. We found the towel racks at Hobby Lobby for 50% off in black wrought iron, and since they are beautiful... we bought them and spray painted them. I will still need to get the towels and we need to second coat a couple spots and finish the vanity, but I can't get that done until this Saturday. 7 people (with only one diapered!!) and one bathroom is not a pretty sight. I need a few days of two bathrooms before I take one away again. I think this Saturday I will paint it after the kids go to bed. There really isn't a whole lot left, so I don't think it would take too long. Yes, I know... famous last words. It is hard to get a good picture in this bathroom as there is no natural light. Still, I think it looks pretty good. I am surprised the boys are so excited about the color. I thought they would think it was too girly, but they like it. 

It is amazing how a decent paint job can make a bathroom look so much cleaner.
Mr. Hunny is taking pictures of the kids and I keep hearing things like, "Mickey, don't chew a hole through the sofa!!", so I had better get to it. I have lost enough seating areas to small, teething children and they are getting to be quite expensive. :0)
Have a super spiffy day!!! 

Weekend Work...

Boy was this weekend tiring!! Even little Michael got all tuckered out. Just before he collapsed from exhaustion (it is so tiring being adorable and good natured all the time...) he was eating. Yep, he was eating and bouncing happily in his exersaucer and singing away. Then he rubbed his eye for a brief moment, and down he went. Right next to his favorite toy. He loves to chew on that cow!! :) Right before he fell asleep, he was telling me how much he is liking the new color scheme in the bathroom. He was happy that the walls, wainscoting, doors and part of the cabinet got painted. Some area still need another coat, but boy does he like how it looks. He suggests yellow for an accent color. He said a nice sunny yellow towel would make him smile whenever he goes in there. In fact, he started demanding that his baths be taken in that bathroom instead of the other one... it is too ugly to be acceptable to him any longer. I can't disagree with him. The painting in the guest bath makes it look so much better that the master bath is just depressing now. That is OK, though. We will be working on that one in the next month or so. After our visitor has left. 

Before I sign off, I wanted to let you see how truly offensive our guest bath was, and then later I will post the after (at least most of it). We still have stuff to hang up an I haven't found those sunny yellow towels that Michael has demanded, but I will soon. Definitely this week. Try not to be to shocked, and I am sorry if it causes you to cry. I labeled it as offensive as it can cause nausea... you have been warned....

Happy Mother's Day!! I am hoping to have a wonderful and warm Mother's Day with my kids.... but I will just be happy to make it through. :) It is still raining and will be raining even more today. Let's just say that there is A LOT of energy that is being expelled in less than constructive ways. Whew!! I can just pretend that it is opposite day, then when they roll around on the floor punching each other, they are really expressing their love for each other. I think that will be the secret to a good day today. ;)

We have ben working on the bathroom. Yesterday the top part got painted. I still need to paint the wainscoting and the vanity, but it is looking a lot nicer. Mr. Hunny got the lighting changed out and we replaced the outlet covers. It looks so much better. And cleaner. When the paint is all messed up, it just makes the bathroom look dirty. I want to redo the flooring too, probably with those sticky tiles, but can't decide which pattern. Maybe y'all can help me decide when it is all done. It is a very small room, so either way it won't cost much. 

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day!! And remember.... if they are acting up, you can just pretend it is opposite day. That's what I will be doing!! ;)

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!!!

So much rain....

Oh my!! My lawn is a mess!! But it really isn't my fault!! Really!! No, I am not making excuses. It really isn't!! You can't mow the lawn right now because it has rained SO MUCH lately that the mower would sink into the mud. Aurgh!! It isn't supposed to rain this morning, so I am hoping it dries out a little bit so it can be mowed either this afternoon or tomorrow morning. I am not positive how much rain we have gotten lately, but I know it is over 6 inches, probably 7. That is not for the month, that is for the last few days. Truly God has a sense of humor. Last year we were in a drought and this year we need to buy a boat to get anywhere. 

I have been trying to plant my beans for the last week and it won't stop raining. I hope it is not too late. Anyone know about that? At least the squash and tomatoes and herbs are in. 
Anyone have any ideas for amusing 5 energetic children on a rainy week? I am out of stuff to do with them and I think when I go to the hairdresser this weekend she will wonder where all my hair has gone. She will already be amused that I tried to dye my hair blonde for my three year old and, well, it isn't blonde. It is a coppery color. Not bad and thankfully it is an even color. Still...
We had a tornado roll through not far from here yesterday. The weather has been so yucky lately. I love the thunder and the lightning, but wish we could get a few days break so the kids could burn off energy outside.... and boy do they have a lot to burn off....
We plan on painting the guest bath this Saturday, so I should be posting pictures this weekend. I am really excited. Both our bathrooms have looked like war zones since we moved into this house. Finally one will be lookin' better. It is supposed to be the "boys' bathroom", but I plan on painting it periwinkle. Hey!! Periwinkle is a shade of blue, right? I love the oops paint at Lowe's. Why pay $30 when you can pay $5???
I hope that everyone is having a great week!! At least less eventful than mine so far....!!! :) 

One of my favorite things to do when I was a child was to run through the sprinkler. I thought it was more fun than swimming in a pool. Here in the south, when I was little, we would go down to the nearest lake and go swimming. You know, the local swimming hole. I never really got into that. I was always afraid fish would nibble on my toes. Yes, it is a strange fear to have, but it is one of my many quirks. I still don't like swimming in lakes or swimming holes around here. When you add in the water moccasins, I won't get off the shore or out of the boat. Yep, I am a scaredy pants. Just think about it, if there weren't so many people like me, there would be no therapists. Just doing what I can to keep another section of our economy going. ;)

This was last week. It has mostly rained here this week. Imagine 5 kids stuck in the house for days on end... yep you can see how my week has been. I am now officially praying for the sun to come out. The kids had a blast. It also reminded me it is time to buy the girls' swimsuits. And we need more towels. And few more fun styled sprinklers. And a slip n slide. No pools, though. My kids like to dunk each other and if I didn't drain it every time it was used, I might be down a few kids. So, I am officially the mean mom that say no to a pool... at least until the kids are older. When the kids tell me I am horribly mean, I tell them, "Thanks!! Now I know I am doing my job!!". I try really hard not to follow it with  the cackle of the Wicked Witch of the West, but sometimes it just slips out. :)
I hope everyone has been having a great week!! I am looking forward to some good weather. I have some painting to do to our shed before our surprise visitor comes on the 19th.