Happy New Year!!!!

From me to you....have a wonderful new year!!!


Battling depression...losing some and winning some. It has been really hard to get motivated to do anything. I felt as though all the sunlight had been sucked out of my life.  All the air felt stale...nothing fresh or alive seemed to exist. I felt like a foreigner in the world...like I did not belong.

Then one day, I remembered how I used to read blogs. There are some blogs that are like sunlight in themselves. The ones that always impart a sense of beauty to simple, every day tasks and objects. Blogs like www.deardaisycottage.typepad.com where Kim has the gift of making everything seem more beautiful. Even laundry at her house sounds enjoyable. A simple cup of coffee more delicious in a lovely, bright colored coffee cup.

And if you are looking for delicious food, look no further than www.bunnysovencom.blogspot.com as she has the most wonderful recipes. They will make you feel warm and safe. They nurture you in the way food is meant to nurture you.

Another blog filled with beauty and color would be www.cherryhillcottage.typepad.com, a place of cottage joy. A place of innocence and simplicity. Color is not used sparingly here and I believe that between this blog and Kim's Daisy Cottage, there is no way you can leave without at least cracking a smile.

If you are looking for romantic beauty then you will most certainly enjoy www.bunnyrosecottage.blogspot.com. Amy has a passion for bunnies and anything shabby chic. She recently bought a new home with her love and they are restoring and decorating it. As gifted as she is, I look forward to seeing how it all turns out. Although, I will admit to being jealous.... but then you will be too when you see her sitting room. Did I mention she has ANOTHER sitting room, too? See? I told you that you would be jealous.

There are quite a few other blogs out there that aided me in the time where I felt I was so lost, and I will share them with you every friday. It amazes me how people can find such beauty in what some would call a mundane task. Manuella at www.thepleasuresofhomemaking.blogspot.com always has the most creative and beautiful ways of turning something from an ugly duckling to something that looks like a heirloom treasure. Even cleaning to her becomes beautiful.

So now you know where I have been, what I have been dealing with. You also now know some of the blogs that helped me remember the sunlight and the fresh air breeze, the scent of life. I hope you will also enjoy these as much as I have and will find, or begin to find, the joys in simplicity. May you enjoy the fresh scent of snow, the soft glow of candlelight and the warmth of family and friends. Remember that although you may not find your blog to be deep and meaningful, there are others that will find solace and warmth in the simple lines that you express. Nothing is lost that cannot be found. Nothing is spoken that someone does not hear. The most important thing to remember is that no one is alone.