kermit.jpg Why do I love frogs!! Because they eat BUGS!! I strongly dislike bugs. I am arachnophobic, maybe even bugaphobic. I once had my neighbor from across the street come over to my house to kill a flying bug in my house. It was really ugly. And it freaked me out. Sadly, my 8 year old kills bugs for me.

Back to what I was saying... I love frogs. We have TONS of frogs in our yard. And I am looooving them!! I am not having the crazy bug problems I was having last year. In the hot, humid south, there are way too many bugs!! Some of them are pretty (from a distance and under glass stuck with pins to a display), and some are just the ugliest things you have ever seen. Too many sting and too many bite. We are really enjoying the frog invasion this year. They aren't getting in the way or making a mess, we are just enjoying their bug eating proficiencies. They are growing well, and I am just happy as a lark about them. The kids are enjoying catching them and I now have several requests to get little frog statues for the front and backyard. I must admit, I don't think they would have to twist my arm to convince me of that idea!!

So, I am going to watch the frogs in my yard and maybe even take a coupla pictures. I hope you are having a wondiferous week!! Have a very hoppy tuesday!!!!