Thrify Finds....

Check these out! I am so excited! I can display pie without feeling the need to eat it!! Yeah!! I found a cherry pie (complete with a recipe in the bottom part) and a blueberry pie. I love having these. They make an adorable display, and if I am burning a pie scented candle, it makes it seem even more real. ;0)
I like to display them, so I put them in a triple plate holder (is that what it's called?). I just need to find an apple pie one now.
I also found the blue and white table cloth. I think it will look beautiful on a picnic table this year. Yes, I know my kids will make a mess of it, but it does wash and I paid less for it than a lot of the disposables or the ones that are easy to wipe off. You know, the vinyl ones. I haven't had much luck finding any polka dot vinyls, so if you happen to see some, please do share!!
I was thinking about painting today, but my right hip is hurting today. Yuck! It happens sometimes. I broke it when I was 4 and it hurts from time to time. Sadly, I can still sit and weed, so I guess I am doing that again today. I have some ideas up my sleeve to help with the whole weeding thing and I plan on sharing them soon. Hopefully this weekend. I just need to go get more dirt, compost and mulch. It involves either wet cardboard boxes or several layers of wet newspaper. Piqued your interest yet? I should be able to avoid weeding most of the year next year with this idea... so stay tuned!! I would much rather enjoy the flowers than weed, and I am sure you would, too!!
Have a great day!! I should be posting again real soon!!

I have had a lot of fun on CraigsList recently. Not near as much as I would like, as people are really overpricing their items, but I have found some great deals. Like this china cabinet:

I have always wanted a china cabinet, but they were either too expensive, or too large for the space. I found this one for $100. Yeah me!! I love the style. I need to replace the glass shelves since the glass is old and brittle, but that won't cost very much. I plan on painting it as well, I am just not sure what color. I love the idea of a cherry red china cabinet, but if I painted it black, I could put red and white polka dot paper in the back. I have such a thing for polka dots!! I could even switch it out with toile, which I would do for the winter holidays. Polka dots just seem to jump put at me in the spring and summer. There is another shot below.
I have several sets of china (5 to be exact)... 2 belong to my daughters. I received one from my MIL, and I think it is soooo pretty. It is a bamboo pattern. My boys love that one since it is less feminine than all the pink rose ones that my daughter have. I will have to post those another day as I have them packed away in the garage. I ran out of cabinet space in my kitchen and I didn't have the china cabinet yet. I loooove china. I even bought a pre-chipped set for the girls and I to use outside for tea. That way I would be broken hearted when one breaks. I found that set at a thrift store. The girls were thrilled, because they know there is no way Mommy would take out an intact set of china. Really... how fun would tea be if Mommy broke out in tears every time someone inevitably chip the really nice china? I prefer to not have that come out in the therapy office when they are older. You know, fear of china. Call it china-phobia, stemming from an unnatural fear of china due to the crazy behavior of a mother. That doesn't sound that fun to me. Of course, since I got the china cabinet, the kids are planning out who gets it when I die. I must admit, that makes me a wee bit nervous.... ;0). I think they all realize how special it is to me, even though I haven't been able to paint it or accessorize it like I plan. How fun would it really be if everything was done all at once? I think that makes it look too contrived. I want it to look like I have been working on it for years. I think that makes it much more lovely. Do you have a china cabinet and how did you treat yours? You know, with paint and accessories? I hope to get to the painting in the next few weeks, but I am having trouble on the color. What do you think? Black, antique white, cherry red or turquoise? Now remember that I am counting on you here. ;0) I am at a most indecisive stage. So, tell me what you think and I will let you know what I finally decide!! Thanks for stopping by and I promise to post more frequently.