I Will Survive....

Every time I say that, I feel like playing disco music. And maybe dancing like John Travolta. I don't think it's that weird.... do you???

We are all still alive. Mr. Hunny and I got it the worst, and for that I am glad. We can suck it up a lot better than the kids can. I still have an intense cough and sore throat, but I finally got some energy back. You know how it is. You are scared to use the bathroom because every one has been so sick, including you, and you just don't have the energy to clean it. I finally got both bathrooms and the kitchen scrubbed and sanitized yesterday. I am not sure I would have been able to had I not had some good dance music to listen on my iPOD. Turn it up and pretty soon I am the only one here. I am sure my kids all think I am crazy singing Lady Gaga as loud as I was, but they won't complain. I made a real dinner and you are no longer scared to sit in the bathroom. All good things.
Monday Faith goes on her very first field trip. Gabe goes on Tuesday (not his first). Jacob will get to go in October. I can't even begin to describe the excitement for that boy. A bus ride to a pumpkin patch. Surely he must be going to heaven. ;0)
I actually managed moving some furniture around while I was sick. Actually, I managed and my husband moved it. Don't worry, he wasn't sick yet. But he was the next day, so it all worked out. I even managed to take pictures. I have planned for 4 days to post it, but have been trying to get things cleaned up. Kind of a priority when we had... dare I say it.... the SWINE FLU!! Aaaahhhh!!! But, we all lived and now there is one less ailment to worry about. Yeah. With 5 kids, a single cold can last months. Seriously. We haven't been to church in about 2 or 2.5 months. Boy do I miss it. So do the kids, but I can't take them when they are sick just because I want to go. Really. I wanted to, but couldn't be that thoughtless to everyone else there. Plus, they know where we live. Not such a good thing... ;)
So, hopefully I will get the post tomorrow. Although the next 2 weeks we have about 13 appointments. The first time I have needed an organizer. Fun stuff. I don't like being busy. Not like that anyway.
I hope everyone had a great weekend and I hope you can avoid the swine flu. Very much so not fun. Can't say it enough...

you mix 5 sick kids and 1 sick Mommy? NO FUN!! I now have 4 out of my 5 kids on antibiotics. I am sure the 5th one will be on them soon, too. I just haven't taken her yet. (Sometimes I think our pediatrician would make a ton of money if we were his only clients.) So, needless to say... I am now sick AND frustrated. Frustrated because I am not a good sick person. Also because I have projects that I want to complete. Did I mention I am not a good sick person?

Two finally got to go back to school today, but only because they are on antibiotics. The baby has the croup for the 10th time in his first year. His birthday is tomorrow... poor guy. ;( Three are home with me. One that went to school today will have to have her tonsils removed October 9th. The nurse said she will probably stay in bed for a week sleeping because of the pain meds and the Phinergin(sp?) she will be on. So now I want to make her bed super pretty and very cozy. I won't have time to get the room painted, but her bed should get extra pillows and lots of pretty things to look at. I think she will also need a steady supply of fresh flowers. thank heavens Aldi's has bouquets of flowers for $3.99. And they are beautiful and last quite a while!! (Hint hint, Mr. Hunny!!)

So now I just need to put my big girl panties on and fix up her room. Thank goodness we live less than a mile from a JCPenney outlet. I should be able to get her a pretty quilt or comforter complete with pillows for less than $50. We will also be making sign for the front room requiring the admission price of 1 milkshake before they are allowed to pass to visit the patient. She LOVES that part!! Of course, we will have backups on hand for people just in case they forget!! So just in case I am not here for the next few days, you know where I am. I hope to be back really soon. There is always so much inspiration to be had visiting all of these wonderful blogs!! Two children requesting I feed them now. Gosh they can be so demanding!! ;0) Now if I could just stop sneezing...!!!

mother and sick child with crafts - perlinger.jpg

Looking at the beautiful organized houses on here have got me thinking. If they can have a neat looking house... then I can,too!! Mine isn't really awful or anything, but there is room for some definite improvement. Before I had kids, EVERYTHING was organized. Something happens when you pop out 5 kids... but that is not an excuse. And I don't plan on using it for an excuse either. I talked it over with my husband. Our kitchen will be fully organized and painted before thanksgiving. Period. I will not rest until it is done. It is so easy to push everything off, but I spend so much time in there, it can get depressing to try to cook in there.
We started off by organizing the pantry and the cabinets. Can you believe I had to pack up four sets of china? I just LOOOOVE dishes. I need to find a china cabinet, cheap. I can't pay a lot of money for something and then paint it. It makes my tummy hurt to think about it. Seriously. So, I have to find a decent one that I can paint and do lots of stuff to. Then I won't feel bad if I mess it up. It will more than likely go in our front room. My kitchen is really tiny, so it can be very difficult to decorate. The table is actually a little too small for us, but I haven't found what I want yet. I want a harvest table, or something similar. And definitely benches for the kids. We can smoosh them all together if we have company. Hehe. Again, it must be cheap. Antiqued or "pre-chipped" is preferable. That way I can't get upset if my kids mess it up.... which is going to happen. I just want a sturdy table. Nothing formal. I want mis-matchy chairs. You know, kinda cottage-eclectic. That way, if a chair gets broken... which it will... my hair will not end up getting ripped out. Now you know why I have short hair...haha!! ;0)
So, I am feeling pretty good right now. I know what I want to do to my kitchen and I have organized the cabinets and pantry. Now I need to clean off the counters and still somehow make it look welcoming, somewhat decorated, but not in the way of my cooking. Or baking. I am thinking I might be begging for ideas in the future, but that will be in another month or so. Now if I could just decide what color to paint my cabinets. I wonder if schizophrenia runs in my family.....

It's a cloche party over at http://astrollthrulife.blogspot.com/ !! And who wouldn't want to go?!? Cloche is such a fun word, I just couldn't stay away. I don't have a lot of them, but it is more of how you use them than it is how many you have. So, in that spirit I am qualified. My pictures are a little bit blurry. My camera was throwing a fit this morning. I can handle that better than when my kids do it, so I am ok with that!! ;0)

This first one is just a simple cloche over a pretty plate with a pumpkin on leaves. I tied a raffia bow around it and that is good for me. The second one is a wire cloche that I won in a contest from Bunny's Bungalow. I tell you, this is just the best little thing!! I use it in everything. It is just the most perfect cloche I could ever ask for!!
So, this is all I have. But there are so may other gorgeous displays out there!! Check out http://astrollthrulife.blogspot.com/. There are so many other ideas out there that I myself would never be able to come up with!! Really!! What are you still doing here?!? Go get inspired!!

Wow!! I actually did it!! Actually, I did it about a week ago and haven't had any time to post, but I am finally getting it posted. Yes, I know this is a very simple thing. But it sure makes me happy!! ;0) After painting this red, my 3 year old went up to my husband and informed him that he needs to paint our coffee table red. And soon because,"I don't think it looks pretty right now!!". LOL! A girl after my own heart. Maybe she will get him motivated to do it. I just thought it was precious. Then she started telling us we need to paint everything red, "Cause I really like that color so we should paint everything red!!". I can't really disagree with her since I looove red, too!! We will see. So, I can actually accomplish things I set out to do, they just sometimes take waaaay longer than they should. That's ok. I now have a motivational speaker living with me!! ;0)