you mix 5 sick kids and 1 sick Mommy? NO FUN!! I now have 4 out of my 5 kids on antibiotics. I am sure the 5th one will be on them soon, too. I just haven't taken her yet. (Sometimes I think our pediatrician would make a ton of money if we were his only clients.) So, needless to say... I am now sick AND frustrated. Frustrated because I am not a good sick person. Also because I have projects that I want to complete. Did I mention I am not a good sick person?

Two finally got to go back to school today, but only because they are on antibiotics. The baby has the croup for the 10th time in his first year. His birthday is tomorrow... poor guy. ;( Three are home with me. One that went to school today will have to have her tonsils removed October 9th. The nurse said she will probably stay in bed for a week sleeping because of the pain meds and the Phinergin(sp?) she will be on. So now I want to make her bed super pretty and very cozy. I won't have time to get the room painted, but her bed should get extra pillows and lots of pretty things to look at. I think she will also need a steady supply of fresh flowers. thank heavens Aldi's has bouquets of flowers for $3.99. And they are beautiful and last quite a while!! (Hint hint, Mr. Hunny!!)

So now I just need to put my big girl panties on and fix up her room. Thank goodness we live less than a mile from a JCPenney outlet. I should be able to get her a pretty quilt or comforter complete with pillows for less than $50. We will also be making sign for the front room requiring the admission price of 1 milkshake before they are allowed to pass to visit the patient. She LOVES that part!! Of course, we will have backups on hand for people just in case they forget!! So just in case I am not here for the next few days, you know where I am. I hope to be back really soon. There is always so much inspiration to be had visiting all of these wonderful blogs!! Two children requesting I feed them now. Gosh they can be so demanding!! ;0) Now if I could just stop sneezing...!!!

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