I got these maple branches from Pier 1 this past spring. Normally, they are $5 each but I bought them on clearance for $0.49. I put 6 branches together and made this lovely foliage display. Well, almost. I tied twine at the top and bottom to keep it together, then spun the twine all the way down from the top and then back up. Such talent... yes I know. Who knew?!? When I was finished with that, I tied it off (the twine) and then tied a raffia bow on top. Pretty simple, huh? Well, I think it looks great. I still have to make my second one later today, but I really like how it turned out. Considering it would have cost $60 at full price and I, frugal Mama that I am, did it for $6. Yippee!! Plus, I can't stand waiting for fall anymore. I am sure you are right. I need counseling, for sure. But sometimes it is fun to be a little crazy!! ;0) What sort of projects are you planning for your fall decor this year?

Finally!! Blogger hates me!! There is no other explanation. It won't let me move my photos and likes to spontaneously delete them on me. Aurgh!! Anyways....
Ok!! I can't take it anymore!! I know it isn't fall yet.... but they have Halloween decorations at the Dollar Tree already (Christmas, too) and I couldn't pass them up. We were in heaven... everything $1 or less. Here (somewhere on this page wherever Blogger put them) are a few lovelies we picked up: scarecrow wreath (13"), the little skulls swag and my favorite... the Insane Asylum sign. It sure can feel like that around here, but I wouldn't change it for anything!! :) They also had some really cute tinsel spiders, but they don't photograph really well. I admit, it was a little fun chasing the kids around the house with them!! :) Yes, that was terrible of me... but a Mom's gotta do what a Mom's gotta do. Besides, I owed them one (actually a lot more than that!!). I would try to move this, but I have a strange feeling that my post would either be deleted or more pictures would go missing. Hmmm... methinks I may find someone other than blogger soon if this doesn't work out!! :) I love my photos!!
I have been away from blogging for about a week, but I managed to take a lot of pictures and then promptly forget that I took them, so I will be able to post more of those later this week. I hope to see lots of Halloween and Harvest decor soon. I know there are some very talented and creative ladies on here. I must admit to being a bit giddy about it!! ;0)

ps- Blogger just deleted my skull swag pic. Ahhhh!!!!

Ok, I am too confused. I can't make my mortgage payment because the Feds closed down Taylor Bean. I also can't get any info because the lines set up to answer questions has nobody answering them. Where is the news media? It seems to me they would be rather helpful in helping customers with this. And where has all of our bailout money for the banks gone? Yes, I know. They say there will be no late charge. But, don't they always say that? I am so frustrated, I can't get a hold of anyone. My BIL is in the mortgage industry and he has been able to answer some questions but, by and large, no one knows what is going on. Aurgh!!

Anyway... back to something more interesting. Today my 3 year old will be painting the chalkboard. She has determined that I may have the honored position of assisting her. If I play my cards right, I may even be able to make her meals today... but only if I am well behaved!! BTW- she insisted on my using this picture. ;0)

Fall is my favorite time of year! I am so excited about being able to decorate soon. I only wish it was sooner. I am ready for fall now. The kids are riding the big, yellow bus to school. I remember when I was little, it was starting to get chilly and we would wear sweaters and sweatshirts. Here in the south, it is still in the low to mid 90's. What I would give to be able to start up the fireplace right now!! Which reminds me.... I need to make my order of wood. Seeing a neatly stacked woodpile just makes me so very happy. This will be the first year I plan on having a woodpile. Last year we just bought it as we needed it... which cost more than it should have. I am not too sure on how to do it or what is truly required (there are lots of things that would be nice but are not really necessary...). If anyone out there has any great info on that, I would be ever so grateful. I know I haven't been around much lately, but that is mostly because I have 5 kids, went to California for a week and had three to get ready for school (started this past Monday.). With only two at home now, it should be a little easier. Of course, the two remaining are three and 11 months, so maybe I am just wishfully thinking... but it has been more relaxed and quiet so I think it should be just fine. Are any of you out there excited about the coming fall season? Is anyone else as nutty as me for beginning the plans for all the plantings and indoor/outdoor decor for the season? I can't wait!! Oh for a chilly night where I could make hot chocolate and sit in front of the fire. Soon... I can't wait!! :)