Finally!! Blogger hates me!! There is no other explanation. It won't let me move my photos and likes to spontaneously delete them on me. Aurgh!! Anyways....
Ok!! I can't take it anymore!! I know it isn't fall yet.... but they have Halloween decorations at the Dollar Tree already (Christmas, too) and I couldn't pass them up. We were in heaven... everything $1 or less. Here (somewhere on this page wherever Blogger put them) are a few lovelies we picked up: scarecrow wreath (13"), the little skulls swag and my favorite... the Insane Asylum sign. It sure can feel like that around here, but I wouldn't change it for anything!! :) They also had some really cute tinsel spiders, but they don't photograph really well. I admit, it was a little fun chasing the kids around the house with them!! :) Yes, that was terrible of me... but a Mom's gotta do what a Mom's gotta do. Besides, I owed them one (actually a lot more than that!!). I would try to move this, but I have a strange feeling that my post would either be deleted or more pictures would go missing. Hmmm... methinks I may find someone other than blogger soon if this doesn't work out!! :) I love my photos!!
I have been away from blogging for about a week, but I managed to take a lot of pictures and then promptly forget that I took them, so I will be able to post more of those later this week. I hope to see lots of Halloween and Harvest decor soon. I know there are some very talented and creative ladies on here. I must admit to being a bit giddy about it!! ;0)

ps- Blogger just deleted my skull swag pic. Ahhhh!!!!

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