Thrify Finds....

Check these out! I am so excited! I can display pie without feeling the need to eat it!! Yeah!! I found a cherry pie (complete with a recipe in the bottom part) and a blueberry pie. I love having these. They make an adorable display, and if I am burning a pie scented candle, it makes it seem even more real. ;0)
I like to display them, so I put them in a triple plate holder (is that what it's called?). I just need to find an apple pie one now.
I also found the blue and white table cloth. I think it will look beautiful on a picnic table this year. Yes, I know my kids will make a mess of it, but it does wash and I paid less for it than a lot of the disposables or the ones that are easy to wipe off. You know, the vinyl ones. I haven't had much luck finding any polka dot vinyls, so if you happen to see some, please do share!!
I was thinking about painting today, but my right hip is hurting today. Yuck! It happens sometimes. I broke it when I was 4 and it hurts from time to time. Sadly, I can still sit and weed, so I guess I am doing that again today. I have some ideas up my sleeve to help with the whole weeding thing and I plan on sharing them soon. Hopefully this weekend. I just need to go get more dirt, compost and mulch. It involves either wet cardboard boxes or several layers of wet newspaper. Piqued your interest yet? I should be able to avoid weeding most of the year next year with this idea... so stay tuned!! I would much rather enjoy the flowers than weed, and I am sure you would, too!!
Have a great day!! I should be posting again real soon!!

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