Happy Mother's Day!!


Happy Mother's Day! I always look forward to Mother's Day. The kids always make the sweetest cards and, of course, the handprints that I get. Those are so precious.
These beautiful yellow roses are blooming so sweetly in my front yard now... well, they were. When my daughters saw how lovely they were, they made a mysterious disappearance. Thankfully there are quite a few more buds... ;0)
I just wanted to make a moment to tell you that I hope you have a lovely mother's day, even if it is a little late in the day. We have been very busy around here, and I have enjoyed soaking up all the extra loves I get on this very special day. I hope yours was as wonderful, if not better, than mine!! There is no more important job in the world that we can do other than to mould these special people we have been given to teach and, of course, love. Days like today make it even more special... especially when they insist on doing special things for me!!
Happy Mother's Day!!

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