So much rain....

Oh my!! My lawn is a mess!! But it really isn't my fault!! Really!! No, I am not making excuses. It really isn't!! You can't mow the lawn right now because it has rained SO MUCH lately that the mower would sink into the mud. Aurgh!! It isn't supposed to rain this morning, so I am hoping it dries out a little bit so it can be mowed either this afternoon or tomorrow morning. I am not positive how much rain we have gotten lately, but I know it is over 6 inches, probably 7. That is not for the month, that is for the last few days. Truly God has a sense of humor. Last year we were in a drought and this year we need to buy a boat to get anywhere. 

I have been trying to plant my beans for the last week and it won't stop raining. I hope it is not too late. Anyone know about that? At least the squash and tomatoes and herbs are in. 
Anyone have any ideas for amusing 5 energetic children on a rainy week? I am out of stuff to do with them and I think when I go to the hairdresser this weekend she will wonder where all my hair has gone. She will already be amused that I tried to dye my hair blonde for my three year old and, well, it isn't blonde. It is a coppery color. Not bad and thankfully it is an even color. Still...
We had a tornado roll through not far from here yesterday. The weather has been so yucky lately. I love the thunder and the lightning, but wish we could get a few days break so the kids could burn off energy outside.... and boy do they have a lot to burn off....
We plan on painting the guest bath this Saturday, so I should be posting pictures this weekend. I am really excited. Both our bathrooms have looked like war zones since we moved into this house. Finally one will be lookin' better. It is supposed to be the "boys' bathroom", but I plan on painting it periwinkle. Hey!! Periwinkle is a shade of blue, right? I love the oops paint at Lowe's. Why pay $30 when you can pay $5???
I hope that everyone is having a great week!! At least less eventful than mine so far....!!! :) 

3 comments: to “ So much rain....

  • One Woman's Cottage Life
    May 7, 2009 at 7:21 AM  

    Oh, I so hear you about the rain and the grass! Ours looked like a jungle the last time we cut it (because of the rain) and it's quickly turned into a jungle again because of the nonstop rain. It's awful! I'm just glad I live in a neighborhood where folks aren't too persnickety about stuff like that, lol!

    Our bathrooms are warzones, too...I don't know *when* we'll get around to them. *le sigh* Looking forward to seeing your photos!

  • Deb
    May 7, 2009 at 9:36 AM  

    we have had a lot of rain here lawn is growing like crazy...did get part of it mowed this poor dogs were starting to disappear in one section of the yard...when my kids were little when we had lots of rain they loved to get out the blankets and quilts and build forts using the dining room table and chairs...we would find all the flash lights for lighting and they would take games and puzzles and books and play for hours... my daughter loved putting on plays and musicals for us...they liked to make their own pizzas too... I used biscuits rolled out, some times we would cut them into shapes..and they would add their own toppings...sometimes we would pretend we were traveling to another place and look up information on that place and do crafts or draw pictures...maybe try a simple recipe for lunch...
    I did have fun with my kiddos..didn't always seem like it then...but now that they are was fun..,

  • Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality
    May 8, 2009 at 9:01 AM  

    We've had a lot of rain too, finally stopped. Thanks on the granite! I can't wait to show ya'll the pics, it is so pretty & I know I'm gonna really love it. Good luck on yours too when you decide.