My children are so very happy that I stumbled upon a new blog. It is called . Bunny's warm oven. Oh my!! She has some of the tastiest recipes EVER!! This morning I made my kids her donut muffins. A picture of their supreme yumminess is to the left, above or wherever it ended up posting.... . I even managed to save one for my husband. His eyes got all wide. Yup, he liked 'em. If you search for muffins on her site, you can find the recipe. I am not sure how to link. I was trying, but it seems to evade me right now.

We didn't get the chalkboard painted yesterday. I tried so hard. I taped it off, got out the paint and went to go get the paint brush. The paint brush is officially missing. At least I discovered that yesterday before our paint-fest begins. In April we will be painting the kitchen cabinets, trim and walls. We will also be painting the guest bathroom. While Mr. Hunny is doing that, I plan on (at least trying) to paint the shed. My plans are to paint it red, white and blue. They we will string wire across the side and plant climbers. I think it will make our backyard look so very much better. I need to improve it as much as I can. We do plan on moving, but I also want something pretty to look at when I look out the window. I will have to think about that for a bit. Beans would be nice but I am not sure what to plant next to them. Something that would look nice in the winter. Beans, squash and other veggies would be nice. Maybe mint in a planter, too. Whatever... it will be pretty. As God is my witness.... my backyard will never be ugly again!!!! :)
Anyway, I have run on, rambled and now have a crying baby. Off must I go (I love Yoda..). Have a beautiful Monday!! :)

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