Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality is having a spring fluff day. I thought it might be a great learning experience to at least try.... thank you Rhoda!!

I think I am a wee bit late in joining, but I thought I would give it a try anyway. This is my first try. so please be kind... Since I have 5 kids (and one, who shall remain nameless that occasionally eats flower petals), I chose some floral napkins to act as a flower arrangement.

Here are a few bunnies that we have pulled out to remind us that Easter is on it's way!! Even though we don't do "the Bunny thing" we still love to collect them...

We did a bit of bunny love on top pf the TV armoire. It is always easier to decorate where the kids can't reach... or at least haven't figured out how to get to it yet.

I haven't found the perfect faux cake yet (the best since I can't gain weight from them...) and I wouldn't have to worry about the kids sneaking some... so I put some faux fruit in a bowl underneath. So far my 3 year old hasn't tried to eat them.... but there are still more hours in the day.. :)

That is about all we have gotten to do so far. Of course, I will post a picture of our Easter tree as soon as those beautiful handmade ornaments I won from Cathy arrive!! I am still a bit giddy over those... :)

I have enjoyed others posts today immensely and have found great inspiration!! Happy Fluff Day!!

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