We finally got our Easter tree up, and thanks to Cathy at Cobblestone Farms it looks great!! The kids were so excited about all the handmade ornaments. My oldest daughter Faith was right there with me telling me where to hang the ornaments. She is really great at those sorts of things... :)
We are really enjoying this tree this year. We have never done an Easter tree this year, and I think my husband thought I was a looney toons to want to put one up. I had heard of them before, but knew I would want something other than plastic eggs hanging off the branches. When I found Cathy's site that day, I had plans to make some with the kids myself. Thankfully I won the contest because there is no way mine would have looked anywhere near as beautiful as Cathy's do. And my children would have been very honest about how bad mine would have looked....
We have also had a lot of issues with allergies this week. Something is in the air and it is really torturing my oldest son, Gabriel. Poor guy. His eyes start to swell shut and they water uncontrollably. We are going to have to go to an allergist, this week hopefully. Look how sad this little guy looks:

I feel so bad for my guy this time of year. It seems to be getting worse so I think there might be allergy shots in the future. :( I am sure I will have to bribe him with untold amounts of ice cream to encourage him to let them do a blood draw. He is my first child and he is so wonderfully thoughtful and sweet. He is the most concerned of the other's welfare. I think what they say about birth order is true. He loves it when I tell him that he was his daddy's and my first love. So, I think I will need to sign off and go cuddle with this handsome boy. Maybe I will make some of Kim's at Daisy Cottage delicious blonde brownie recipe. I think my little guy will like that.... :)

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