The Child Most Like Me

My mother liked to offer me THE CURSE. You know... the one where they wish you as a child on yourself. Well, this is my fourth child. She is JUST LIKE ME. Oh my!!
As a small child in preschool, I actually led a revolt and convinced all the kids we should climb the fence and run away. And we did. Luckily they caught up with all of us, but I marked my mother right then. She was the woman with the child everyone wanted to kick out of school. Ha!
It was a preschool at the college my Mom was attending. She had to go through several meeting with the school board to get them to let me stay. My poor Mother. Well, she got her wish.
This is Chloe. We got new carpet installed last year. I was so very happy. So excited. Always making sure it stayed clean and vacuumed. You can see where I am going, can't you??? Yep. Red lipstick in two rooms. Big spots. Mind you, we are planning on selling in the next year or two. I have to now figure out how to get red lipstick out of beige carpet. Oh joy.
We have had to install locks on any and all doors. Even in the bathrooms for the linen closet. She has discovered that you can paint on the walls with toothpaste. Yesterday, she used my toothbrush to clean the toilet. Thankfully I realized it before I used it. She can damage more stuff than any other child I have ever encountered. She has the worst temper.... but in all of this, she reminds me of me. It is not that she is totally destructive (remember that, Mommy...) it is just that she is so curious. She wants to see what would happen. And her temper comes from her passion for life. As horrible as she can be sometimes, she can be so angelic and loving at others. I think she just gets so overwhelmed with her feelings. I am the same way.
I remember when I was little, my Mom would always want it quiet because she couldn't think. I thought that she must be very old. Now, I prefer the quiet. Outdoor time is the best. Before, I would have a walkman attached to my head at all times, but now I find myself wanting to listen to nature CD's or nothing at all. You know, the ones with the sounds of the Loons. Yes, I am only 33. But I am already VERY OLD to my kids. They asked me if I had a pet dinosaur when I was little. Oh my.
That's ok. I don't mind. I remember when I though that you died when you hit 40 and 30 was middle aged. Suddenly my 82 year old Grandma is sounding young. ;)
Somedays I feel like I could lose my mind. Sometimes Mommy needs a time out. But I wouldn't give it up for anything. For as frustrating as kids can be, they are a life given to us by God. We are to mold them into creatures for Him. What a huge responsibility. Kinda scary. Yet, it is also awesome to know that God has entrusted me with 5 beautiful souls. Sometimes I think He has more faith in me than I do. When I think about it, that motivates me to be a better Mother than I could be otherwise. I thank God daily for making me a mother. Even though what I do has very little value to our society, I wouldn't give it up for anything. :)

2 comments: to “ The Child Most Like Me

  • Deb
    March 19, 2009 at 1:31 PM  

    my daughter was a handful when she was small also, mostly because she thought she could do anything her older brother could do and didn't enjoy being mothered by him, her famous line was "your not my daddy",oh well she turned out to be a delightful young lady just turned 20, is a free thinker, doesn't care what other people think never has, she is more like both her grandmothers than me, I just had the pleasure and sometimes difficult time raising her, my son is more like me, don't think I could have handled 2 girls.

  • Jules from "The Roost"
    March 20, 2009 at 7:38 AM  

    One correction, if you don't mind.....what you do has TONS to do with our society! You are putting the time and energy into raising a sweet, stable little family & that will affect all of us! You have the hardest and MOST important job in the world! =) Cute picture by the way.