So very new

I am totally new at this. Actually, I try to avoid computer stuff at all costs. That is normally what my husband does, but since I am following so many blogs... I figure I should just give in and join. Please forgive my slowness initially. I have 5 kids, 9 down to 6 months, so time is at a premium. Did I mention I also homeschool? So, I will keep this one short, since I have so many things to learn. I am hoping to spend time on topics such as decorating, thrifty living, homeschooling and gardening. Please don't think I am an expert. One of my favorite quotes is about how you learn nothing from succeding, it in only in failure that we truly learn. Yes, it is rom a Disney movie. I did mention I have 5 kids, right? I have successfully come up with a life plan based on Mary Poppins, Sleeping Beauty and Meet the Robinson's. And you thought you were bad....???? Hahahahaha!!! ;)

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