I am still trying to figure out how to make a lovely blog, so this may just be sad.... but I am determined to at least try.
Right now my house is a mess. Inside and out. We bought this house and knew it would be a lot of work. I don't mind work. In fact, I enjoy it. It makes me feel productive. I especially enjoy outdoor work. You see, when I make the interior look really nice, it is a rather fleeting feeling of joy. I do, after all, have 5 kids. Sometimes I think they walk behind me and undo anything that I can manage to get done. Still, I think I can recruit them to help me with this. My 7 year old loves to take pictures and my husband is a professional photographer. My 9 year old son likes to help set up shots, so this could end up being a great family project. I think the 3 year old will be the most difficult, but if we do an Elmo picture from time to time, or at least one of her, she should be OK with it. :)
So, on I will go. I will work on taking pictures of my kitchen. I am rather schizophrenic about that room. I really want it to look happy. I may be begging for input as for kitchen cabinet colors and such. But that will be for another day. Hopefully I can get some more pictures up a bit later. :)

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