Outdoor Wednesday!!!

I never remember to do these, but I must really be on the ball today!! Thank you "A Southern Daydreamer"!! If you have no discovered Susan's incredibly inspiring blog, do yourself a favor and check it out!!

Here is my favorite crape myrtle. Well, really, they are all my favorite!! This one is right by my back patio. We planted this one for shade and I think that by next year it will be very hard at work. It is almost big enough now. I reminds me of fireworks. It seems to be exploding. I LOVE this tree!!!

Here are some roses, a spirea and a weigela. I can't wait until they grow in. This fall, this bed will be expanded. I plan on making this bed pretty big. The more I can plant in the front lawn, the less I have to mow. I really don't like much grass in the front yard. I like it in the back, where we play. I would prefer a cottage garden in the front.

This willow tree is one of the kids' favorites. I plan on planting one in the back. They have made it into a fort. I remember doing that when I was little. Willows have always been my favorite tree. Everyone always warns how messy they can be, but I think their beauty is worth it. Watching my children enjoy this tree, I know I made the right choice!! Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I enjoyed your visit!! Next time I will make sure I set out some lemonade and some of the missile popsicles. Always yummy!!

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