OK. I admit it. I watch Jon and Kate plus 8 every week. Even though she comes across as a huge egomaniac, I doubt I would look much better. You end up looking however they cut the tape. It isn't all reality. I won't go into who is wrong... I don't know them. I am just feeling so very bad for the kids right now. Regardless of how amiable they are (or say they will be), they can't get along for an hour. They admit that. I doubt that will get better. If she is anything like me, I would spend the time apart coming up with great zingers. Funny thing about that is that I can ever think of them when I am in the situation. Kinda like Meg Ryan's character in "You've Got Mail".

Anyway, I know it is probably terrible I watch the show anyway... but I have always loved to watch the kids. I loved how they felt, as a couple and a family,that this was their ministry. Now I am just deeply sad that they ever said that. I am sad another large family has gone down the tubes. This is just going to be another jab to contend with when people find out I have 5 kids. I can deal. So can my kids. I just feel so very sad for those Gosselin kids.
They filed for divorce today. Our 12th wedding anniversary was yesterday. Maybe that is another reason it bothers me so much.
Off the soap box now. I should have something much less serious and pretty tomorrow!! :)
I hope that everyone has had a wonderful second day of summer. I am off to watch "The Dark Knight"... again...!! :0)

3 comments: to “ Jon and Kate Plus 8 and Batman??

  • ann
    June 23, 2009 at 10:50 AM  

    oh honey,don't worry.even tho this is suppose to be reality,you know it really isn't.it's been 12 yrs apparently you've done something right!!!!!!!!!
    phooey on what people think.remember in the "old'days people gossiped about women that were barren?she had done something wrong or some such bunk?nothing happens without a reason.God gave you those children because YOU were SUPPOSE to have them.God is the only one that has control over life and death.and those children are indeed a gift from God.
    thank you for standing by me ,especially with all you have to do.it means so much to me.i will be back well soon and ready to go.tee hee.love ...Ann

  • Busy Mom
    June 23, 2009 at 11:27 AM  

    I've never even watched the show. But I feel sad that their marriage has fallen away. It is sooo sad for the children!

  • Jackie
    June 23, 2009 at 2:51 PM  

    Hi Kelly.

    I have watched this show for years. When I would be going through a tough time with the kids I could turn the show on and feel so much better. I never really blamed Kate for how she ran her household...I think I would run it much the same way. She was a little rough on Jon...but we weren't there "behind the scenes". I'm really sad for them and I can't imagine that the show will keep running for very long...but you never know. I agree with Ann...you were supposed to have those kids...they are a gift.

    Have a great day.