Outdoor Friday

I admit. I took pictures outside yesterday for today since the weather was so awful yesterday. When I saw awful, I mean HORRIBLE. I had to take Gabe to the allergist, one of our friends is an ENT, and it was already lightly raining when we left. Yet, my cell phone was set at emergency calls only. So strange. OK, well we have to go pick up pizza on the way home so we went to do that. Little did I know that the cell issue was a foreshadowing of what was to come. It was only lightly raining when I went inside, so I told Gabe to stay in the van and I would be right back out. I was inside for about 5 minutes. When I opened the door, the wind was so strong it slammed the door back on me. I had to fight it to keep it open so I could go out with the pizzas, while holding the pizza as tight as I could so they wouldn't blow away. I was parked right in front of the store, yet I was completely drenched by the time I got in the van. On the way home, I was worried the wind would blow the van over on it's side. It got so heavy that you couldn't see in front of you. It was way worse than the tulle fog in California's central valley. On a good note, I don't have to water my plants!! :) Oh, lightning also struck somewhere around our house. The streets totally flooded and we almost didn't make it home. Still, I don't have to water my plants. And when I finally get to weed, it should be easy. I think they said we were getting about an inch of rain every 10 minutes. Oh, how fun it was. My weeping willow tree is loving all this rain, though. :) I took a few pictures of some of our plants (most need to be moved or replaced... I am just having trouble getting motivated...:) that I thought were looking nice. My rosemary is doing so well. I haven't done much for her, but she loves where I put her I guess. She is perfect all year long and has lovely blue flowers right now. She is also very useful for the kitchen. I have lots of visitors requesting some of her for their cooking in the fall. Next to her is an azalea with lovely pink flowers. I think I will need to transplant her. I want her to be bigger so I may plant her in a berm... burm... whatever. The kids helped me with a planter. It is small right now but it should be really nice in a month or so. They were so proud so I placed it by the front door so everyone would see it. This other one is of a japanese maple that I think I will have to transplant. He is growing much bigger than they said. Such a beautiful tree... This won't let me move my pictures or anything!! Oh frustration!!

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  • Deb
    April 3, 2009 at 8:23 AM  

    we had high winds yesterday also, I kept looking for cows and the wicked witch to go flying past my window, the sun is out today, hopefully will be nice day