I finally got everything in the garden, now I just need to figure out what all I want in there. I know I want climbers that can climb on the chain link fence and I want it to be organic, so I will be researching companion planting a lot this week. I put in 3 marigolds already, and I know I want tomatoes, pole beans, bush beans, nasturtium, cabbage, lettuce, chives, basil, squash and egg plant (if I can manage them) but I make no absolute promises. I just know this will be a lot of fun. Really it depends on what started plants I can find around here. I waited too long to start a lot of it from seed. Next year it should all be from seed. Anyway, here is how it look planted with only 3 marigolds. Next weekend it should be fully planted. Now if I could just stop getting sunburns on top of my sunburns.... ;)

I get to string the clothesline today. I am really excited about this. Very Betty Homemaker of me, I know. That's ok cause I am a Betty Homemaker.... except I am a Kelly Homemaker. Why is it always a put down to refer to someone as a homemaker? Aren't our fondest memories frequently of someone who made a lovely home? Anyway.... lots of stuff to get done today. All this gardening and you now have to wade through my house. Oh well.... ;) Have a great weekend!!!