Happy Resurrection Day!!

I love Easter. It is such a relaxed holiday, with some of the deepest meaning. Without it, there would be no point to living at all. In fact, when you think about it.... Easter in every way means life. Without the death of Jesus, there would be no life. Yet, we would have no life had he not come back again. Not a snowballs chance in, well... you know. I know in this country, we tend to casually refer to the crucifixion, death and burial. When you stop to concentrate on what he truly must have felt, it becomes consumingly overwhelming. The first time I had even an inkling of the suffering of Christ was when I watched the movie, "The Passion of the Christ". I had never really thought about all the pain Jesus must have felt those last days of his life. Going through all the torture and then hearing one of his own disciples disown Him must have been so devastatingly painful. I have heard it said that when you are emotionally upset, it magnifies the pain. The intense emotional pain He was suffering would have been far more than I know I could ever bear. I thank Him every day for doing that for me. I know had it been left to me, well... we would all be up a creek of... you know... without a paddle. Thank you God for being perfect!! And thank you for loving me and accepting me even though I am so imperfect and worthless. Your worth gives me mine.


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