My desk

Everywhere I read lately has been about how people have their own private creative space. I felt really jealous. Then I read about how you should look at your house with different eyes to carve out a space. In a house with 7 people, that is no small feat, but I think I found a spot.
I recently bought a desk on craigslist. Already black, so I didnt have to was the color that I wanted anyway. Then I hit the thrift stores for decorative accessories. I think I made it cute...!!! I am happy with the results and I will post pictures tomorrow.
I am writing this blog on my new iPad...and it is very strange to say the least. So if I have bad grammar, please forgive me...

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  • Alicia
    February 24, 2011 at 10:11 PM  

    How weird. I was just thinking that I want a new desk and I saw the title of your blog on my blog roll and came to see your desk. I guess I'll have to come back tomorrow. Can't wait to see :-D