Upcoming Projects...

This week, I have a lot to do. Alas, I have a fever and I am sick. Will that stop me? Oh no!!

In fact, this morning I "colorfied" my guest bathroom. It was very pale and pastel, which is pretty, but with two boys that are always covered in dirt... it wasn't very user friendly. So I added splashes of red! Red is my favorite color, so that is no surprise. As soon as I can charge my camera, I will post pictures. I also plan on buying some red and white gingham ruffles (if I can find it) and embellishing my towels with it. I am not a good sewer, so I will use fabric glue. I am sure I will have to make more anyway, as my kids have a way of "discoloring" towels.

I am working on my front porch, but that might take a week or two. That is a couple of painting projects. I have to fix a wicker chair (it decided to unravel) and then paint it, the bookshelf and a table I plan on putting out there. I still need hanging plants, but I can't say I have felt motivated to go to the store since I got sick. That reminds me... I still need garbage bags. Oh, well. We have WalMart bags. And 5 healthy kids that can take it out often.

I also weeded one of my beds. That was an ordeal. Of course, it was a heat index of 100 degrees when I did it and I couldn't possible stop. I had to get it done. Just blame it on my OCD. I still have another long one to do. It is amazing how quickly weeds grow. Why can't my plants grow like that?!?

My daughters made me a beautiful flower arrangement for the table. I tried to put it there, with a lovely tablecloth, but my 21 month old kept trying to knock it all down. No tablescapes for me, unless it's nap time. Oh well. He is cuter than any china! ;0)

I hope that you are having a productive week. Take it easy and stay out of the heat. I will post a pic of the arrangement my daughters made me a little later. See ya!!


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  • Mandi @ Finding Home
    June 28, 2010 at 2:21 PM  

    Hi Kelly! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I think the salad would be okay in the the heat - but there is Miracle Whip in it so to be on the safe side, I'd set your salad bowl in another larger bowl filled with ice as a bit of a cooler to keep the salad at a good temp.

    I can't wait to see photos of your bathroom! It sounds cute! I've been thinking of redoing my bathroom (well it needs totally gutted) so when we do I've been thinking of using red in there. Such a striking color! Hope you have a great week!!